Learn New Skills...

... and make something awesome! Once you get the hang of it, these quilts make fantastic and quick gifts. This class assumes confident beginner or intermediate quilting experience. It's best if you've had experience sewing curves, but if not just do some practice curves first!

Class Features

  • Video Tutorials

    Video tutorials break down the trickier skills in this project and making improv curves and small inset circles easy to understand

  • Customizable Design

    Use the skills you learn to create your own unique, one of a kind project of any size. This is the perfect project for a Fat Quarter Bundle!

  • Self Paced

    Take this class at your own pace, and retain access to it indefinitely. A Facebook group will be available for support and to show off your work.

Pillows, totes, and full sized quilts...

...the options are endless! Landscape quilts are stash-friendly and so versatile.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome!

    • Materials List and Fabric Requirements

  • 2

    Sky Block and Inset Circles

    • Inset Circles Introduction

    • Sky Block

    • Inset Circles - Cutting the Sun Templates

    • Inset Circles - Pressing and Basting

    • Inset Circles - Sewing the Circles

    • Sky Block Final Pressing

  • 3

    Mountains and Improv Curves

    • Introduction to Improv Curves

    • Creating a Template

    • Improv Curves: Mountain 1

    • Sewing and Pressing Improv Curves

    • Whoops! Puckers!

    • Improv Curves: Mountain 2

    • Improv Curves: Remaining Mountains

  • 4

    Facing and Finishing

    • Intro

    • Pressing, Trimming, and Quilting

    • Cutting the Quilt Arch

    • Cutting the Facing Arch

    • Preparing & Sewing the Facing

    • Finishing the Facing

    • Hanging an Arched Quilt

  • 5

    Bonus Pattern by Ponderosa Creative

    • Oasis: by Ponderosa Creative